Foundation Grants

The Heights Schools Foundation (formerly the Cleveland Heights High School Alumni Foundation) awards grants to fund worthwhile academic projects across the CH-UH City School District. Thanks to generous donations from alumni, businesses and other supporters, HSF is able to partner with the district to identify funding gaps and work to close them by making meaningful matches with donors. 

Your contribution to one of the funds below will directly provide education enrichment opportunities to current CH-UH students.

Interested in exploring the creation of a new fund? Contact Julianna Johnston Senturia, Executive Director of Heights Schools Foundation, at or 216/ 397-3871.

The Bradley Larson Music Education Fund*

Created in memory of Bradley R. Larson, class of ’05,  by his parents Brian Larson and Laurie Albright, this fund will help foster a love for music through support of music education in the CH-UH schools. Starting in elementary school Brad played the trumpet and later guitar and drums as well. Because his love for music began in early grades, the fund may make grants for any music education need at any grade level including: sheet music, guest musicians, travel for performances, uniforms or performance clothing, or to acquire instruments.

*Currently accepting donations

Holocaust Education Grant*

Cleveland Heights High School’s Holocaust Studies program has long been known for its uniqueness and impact on the students who take it. Created in 2012, the fund is to be used by the Holocaust Studies program to attend lectures, visit museums and other education experiences and programs.

The first use of this fund helped students attend the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust Conference in Cleveland. Social Studies teacher Mark Sack, Class of ’76, and his students were joined by past Holocaust Studies teachers Dr. Leatrice Rabinsky, Sol Factor and Adrienne Yelsky Class of ’65 at this very special gathering of over 400 Holocaust Survivors (and descendants) from all over the world held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland.

*Currently accepting donations

Opportunity Fund*

Great ideas don’t always come together in time for next year’s budget – or simply don’t fit into it. Sometimes, key needs arise during the school year that were not expected, or a special opportunity presents itself. The Opportunity Fund pools contributions from dedicated alumni and supporters to meet educational enrichment needs as they arise at anytime of the year. Support grants can be awarded both for co-curricular or classroom needs at any age level across the district, from Pre-Kindergarten through High School.

*Currently accepting donations

Start The Presses!*

Newspapers across the country are changing, as the way people receive their news evolves and The Black & Gold has not been spared. In an age when news can reach the entire world in the time it takes to post something to the internet, Facebook allows you to instantly know what your friends are doing, and the device in your pocket allows you to write, photograph and film anywhere, The Black & Gold too has been revived and is experimenting with how it will be delivered.

Thus far, the Black & Gold has become a website. Great for alumni as close as Shaker and as far away as Shanghai to be able to access The Black & Gold – catching school news from a student perspective. A printed newspaper is planned in early 2017.

*Currently accepting donations

Samples of projects that have been funded by the Heights Schools Foundation and its predecessors, the Alumni Association and the Alumni Foundation, in the past include the following:


Everyone Has A Story

A cross-curricular project that focuses on documenting the various and rich war stories of residents of Cleveland Heights and University Heights, Everyone Has A Story will be an interactive endeavor involving classes from TV Production, AP Literature & Composition, and AP United States History. By working in teams to create documentaries that focus on our community’s involvement and contributions to history, students will create visual and auditory stories that will support research and writing skills; allow a connection between the curriculum and real-life; and further develop organizational and communication skills.


West Side Story

If only all fights were solved by highly choreographed dance numbers. Building on the success of 2007’s presentation of Fiddler on the Roof, staff and students came together for another outstanding musical, this time the classic West Side Story. “This is the culmination of months of hard work, rehearsals and commitment from our students,” Musical Director Craig McGaughey said. “We are extremely excited to share this timeless classic with our communities”.

The Raku Project

In The Raku Project, students created vessels and sculptures that told the story of man’s partnership with clay, using cross-cultural patterns, symbols, iconography and primitive firing techniques. Students undertook group ceramics while exploring the historic research of primitive ceramic firing, construction of outdoor kilns and pit firing, construction of combustion chambers, chemistry of glazes, organic material additives and various glaze techniques.

The Raku Project assisted History classes that wanted to gain working knowledge of 16th century Japanese tea ceremony, Science classes that experimented with glaze compounds and their effects with heat, and Math classes that calculated measurements and weights.

Black & Gold Pages

While students have busy and full schedules, some still find the time to read with others purely for pleasure, and then meet to discuss what they have read. The Foundation’s award to the Black and Gold Pages assisted the reading group to expand its membership and the number of books read.

Harp Purchase for the IMD

Cleveland Heights High School has a long tradition of excellence in the musical arts. This tradition also has to operate within the modern realities of budget restrictions, and that was just the case when the Instrumental Music Department, (IMD), needed to purchase a new harp. The Alumni Association joined with other funding sources to supply the IMD with the funds necessary to purchase a harp, helping to maintain musical excellence at Heights High.

History Alive

History Alive attempts to have students literally walk in the shoes of those from the past. The first step in the process is for students to research and report on the lives of unsung African American heroes. Following a peer review, students then research and create period appropriate attire of their hero. Participants then visit elementary schools, teaching younger students about the historical figures they have researched.