2005 Cleveland Heights High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

Class of 2005

Robert Apple
Class of 1950

Robert Apple’s involvement in the Heights schools spans the generations, with not only three generations of his family attending Heights High, but his personal involvement as well. Mr. Apple served on the CH-UH School Board for seven years, two of those as President. Not only did he work on numerous school levies in the 70’s and 80’s, but he also wrote a history of the school district in commemoration of the system’s 100th anniversary. Before his passing, Mr. Apple worked on creating the University Heights Community Coalition in an effort to establish better relations between the cities and schools.


Harlan Diamond 
Class of 1952

Harlan Diamond’s name is one that many Clevelander’s know from his being owner and president of Executive Caterer’s at Landerhaven in Mayfield Heights. Mr. Diamond’s long list of philanthropy and civic involvement is complemented by the distinction of having catered for every president since Lyndon Johnson, every governor of Ohio since James Rhodes, and every Mayor of Cleveland since Ralph Locher. Mr. Diamond has been honored with “Lifetime Achievement” awards from both the National Association of Catering Executives and the American Culinary Federation, and in 2004 received “Best Catering” from Northern Ohio Live.


Ralph Friedman 
Class of 1944

Ralph Friedman shows that volunteerism knows no retirement. Whether delivering meals on wheels, bonding with hospice patients and their families, ushering at the Cleveland Playhouse or helping at the Western Reserve Historical Society Library, Mr. Friedman continues to find time to help others. Mr. Friedman has been honored as one of Greater Cleveland’s Seven Most Treasured Volunteers in 1990 and nominated for the President’s Service Award in 1999. Mr. Friedman’s commitment to community is also very personal, with his blood donations totaling 77 pints to date!


Marion Long Good PhD, RM, FAAN 
Class of 1952

The abbreviations that follow Dr. Marion Long Good’s name are representative of a lifetime of education and achievement. Currently a professor with Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Bolton School of Nursing, Dr. Good has worked on numerous studies on pain, stress and sleep. Her innovative program of integrated pain management research strengthens the empirical support for pain policies of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), and The American Pain Society (APS).


Michael J. Marks 
Class of 1956

Michael J. Marks’ work and experience are proof positive that there is more to Hawaii than sun, sand and surf. The Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Alexander & Baldwin, Inc., Mr. Marks is the longest serving general counsel, (23 years), of a public company in Hawaii. Selected twice as “Professor of the Year” by students in the College of Business Administration at the University of Hawaii, Mr. Marks is a member of the bar in Hawaii, New York and Ohio as well as a licensed real estate broker in Hawaii. Mr. Marks has been involved with the Hawaii Opera Theatre, the Waikiki Aquarium, the Honolulu Zoological Society and the Arts Council of Hawaii.


Eugene Meieran, PhD 
Class of 1955

If you have a personal computer on your desk, it is highly likely to have a little tag on it from a company by the name of Intel, where Dr. Eugene Meieran is a Senior Fellow. Dr. Meieran has demonstrated forty years of leadership in technology in academic, industrial and government circles with state-of-the art technical contributions in the fields of materials characterization, process control, process and device reliability and knowledge management. Recognized by universities, industry and government for these contributions, in particular being elected to the National Academy of Engineering and being named Intel Fellow and Intel Senior Fellow, Dr. Meieran is the longest tenured Intel Fellow.


Leslie G. Polgar, PhD 
Class of 1961

While most of us are not comfortable using the nomenclature of nanotechnology, Dr. Leslie Polgar has no problem as he converses in the requisite terminology, (as well as Hungarian, French, German, and Dutch)! Leader in seven high technology businesses and most recently as the founding president of Kodak Display Products, Dr. Polgar is the author of more than fifty journal articles, presentations and keynote lectures on business, entrepreneurship and technology. He is currently the CEO of Talpra Consulting, a firm he founded, and he can be found listed in multiple Who’s Who directories and was awarded Forbes’ “Top Ten Nanotechnology Product of 2003” Award.


Steve Presser 
Class of 1976

Remember all those great toys your mom either gave or threw away when you moved out that you wish you still had? Steve Presser has them and he is willing to sell them back to you! Owner and operator of Big Fun, a unique, funky and nostalgic toy store on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights, Mr. Presser’s store has been awarded “Best Toy Store” year after year by several media outlets. Mr. Presser’s work with the PVA Circle of Homes, Cleveland Heights Visioning Committee, and Reaching Heights Annual Spelling Bee are a few of the reasons why he received the “George Bailey – It’s A Wonderful Life Day” award by the City of Cleveland Heights.


Susan Wolf Turnbull 
Class of 1970

Politics and feng shui are normally not mentioned in the same sentence, unless you are speaking of Susan Wolf Turnbull, who balances both her political activism with her interior design firm. Since 1998, Ms. Turnbull has been a frequent commentator on national cable television and talk radio channels such as FOX News, MSNBC and NPR. Elected Vice Chair of the Democratic Committee in February of 2005, Ms. Turnbull previously served as DNC Deputy Chair, DNC Women’s Caucus Chair, National Chair of the Women’s Leadership Forum and has campaigned for the Democratic Party and its candidates in more than thirty states.


Gene Zuckerman 
Class of 1954

Gene Zuckerman’s life is proof positive that you never know what directions your life will take. Mr. Zuckerman’s career path took an early turn having him enter his family’s business. While CEO, he became Vice President and Trustee for the Midtown Corridor business association, where he set new and higher standards for developing membership. After years in the family business, Mr. Zuckerman returned to his original career choice of education, and he is currently Unit Principal at John Marshall High School in Cleveland.